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Fonda Riga: Since 1970,
one family at your service.
La Fonda RigÓ is a Hotel-restaurant opened in 1971 by Albert Rigat and Dolors Gardella. Gradually,and with the invaluable help of our grandmother Conxita, and our grandfather Josep, and later her six children, it has been improving its facilities with the purpose of ofering you a pleasant stay with a calm and familiar atmosphere. Welcome to our "Fonda"! A family always at your service.

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More information:
Hotel-Restaurant Fonda RigÓ
TregurÓ final route
17869 TregurÓ-Vilallonga de Ter (Girona - Spain)
Tel. +34 972 13 60 00 - Fax +34 972 13 60 09
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